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for order: 10009146001020017

Hello , I apologize in advance for the length but I feel that it is important to explain the whole story , if necessary I will upload every single piece of evidence and every conversation between myself and the seller. I purchased a yogurt incubator through the Alibaba platform from a certified business with a good rating.

When I made the purchase I received a trade assurance to guarantee a smooth transaction , delivery and to seek remedy should any problem arise. I paid for the item on January 17th 2019 after the seller told me that in order to ship my incubator before Chinese new year I had to pay by that date. the Trade assurance contract from Alibaba guaranteed shipment 4 days after the company received the money. that did not happen, instead after multiple messages to the seller he informed me that Chinese new year is an important holiday and that even thought I paid 2 full weeks before it starts they would not be able to ship it to me in Houston, but if I paid an extra $80 they could try their best to get it on a ship or I would have to wait until February 15th.

Not wanting to pay more I waited. After a lot of back and forth to get a ship date. The seller shipped my item on March 1st 2019. Now the real problems begin.

I contacted Houston Customs once I received my packing list and bill of lading, both of which list my name, Houston address, the vessel name, container number and most importantly list the port of discharge as the port of Houston. The wonderful agents of Houston Customs informed me that the boat and container were listed as discharging in California to a company whose name and information they could not give me. I went back to the seller who kept telling that Houston was the port of discharge, after a couple of days, he gave me the name , number and address of their shipper's partner company in California. Now comes the surprise.

This 3rd party informs me that my item is in a box that was placed in their container that will discharge in California and that I agreed to it with their shipper ( I did not and have the paper work to prove it ). They informed me that they will need to file an ISF form for me or be I will be fined $5000 by customs , the cost $35 . I agree to them filing it and paying for it still under the impression that my item was going to make its way to the port Houston because that is what I paid for and what my contract shows. 3 days later they sent me an invoice, here is a rundown of the itemized bill: -d/o $25 -document fee $ 35 -warehouse in&out $230 -pierpass charge $10 -clean truck fee $5 -chassis fee $10 -chassis split charge $10 -fsc $20 -handling charge $85 -port security fee $25 -Lt charge $35 -others $250 Houston Customs informed me that after filing an ISF the only other thing I would have to do is file an informal entry form because this was an internet purchase , and I did not need to pay a bond because the item is below $2500.

Why do I have to pay a company in California I never knew existed to store my purchase and only release it to me when I pay them more money on top of paying whatever customs fees I have to pay? Again I keep asking the seller , and he tells me ( I have a record of every single conversation because it happened in the Alibaba message center) that the amount seems reasonable it is what forwarding importers charge for customs! After a few more days of back and forth I decide that the best way to resolve this issue is to file a dispute through the Alibaba platform because the seller was being uncooperative and the surprise middle man company in California was trying to shake me down. I made sure to specify that I bought the incubator because I really needed it.

I did not want my money back , I wanted my item shipped to Houston per our contract and no shakedown from a middle man holding my stuff hostage in California. I uploaded at least 35 pieces of evidence, paperwork , invoices , and conversations , I asked the dispute resolution team to go over all my conversations with the seller in the message center so they could see and understand that I have been dealing with a dishonest company who sent me inaccurate shipping information. After all of that "Cecilia" from the dispute team informed me that its is my responsibility to pay customs, and that I didn't have enough evidence to support my claim. so they cannot give me a refund.

They did not bother to look at anything. they just told me to deal with it. Alibaba never addressed the issue, paying customs is not the issue, having my item stuck in California hostage to a 3rd party when It was suppose to arrive in Houston is. This morning right before I typed this, I received a message for the seller again assuring me that the vessel would be discharging my item in Houston.

Again I informed him of the invoice from their partner company in California , he told me to stop complaining. I reminded him again that the 3rd party (by email) informed me that my incubator would be sent by rail to a Houston warehouse March 28th after I pay them( if I don't they will charge me for everyday my package sits in their warehouse),I also informed him that I notified the FTC of what I believe is a scam on US buyers and that I was in the process of filing a complaint through the Better Business Bureau. Then the story changed again. He is suddenly unaware of this 3rd party sending me the incubator by train, it should be discharged in Houston!

he will look into it. I need the lies to stop, and my item to be discharged in Houston per our contract. I do not want to pay a dime to a 3rd party company because the seller made the "mistake" of putting my package in a California bound container addressed to their partner company. I need to inspect my item to make sure that it is in fact 110v with an American plug.

if I cannot do that within an certain amount of time, I will again have no recourse to get it replaced. I need Alibaba to do its job and stop constantly siding with the Chinese companies over US importers never looking at the abundance of evidence we provide. The buyer has now admitted that they made a mistake with my shipment , but I still have to pay their partner company or they will charge me more everyday.

At this point I am willing to call the police if Alibaba does not do its job. the Chinese seller makes a mistake , ships item to someone else at the wrong port, and the US customer has the bear the coast of that admitted mistake and Alibaba does nothing.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $720.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Alibaba Cons: Customer supports always sides with chinese company.

  • Shipping Scam
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