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Hello, Mr Mrs, I bought an Ultrasound from one of the Alibaba Sailors (Not through alibaba web site)

First, he canceled first order ( not obeying the terms of contract )

Sailor Info: Is Provided In picture one.

Product Name: Chison Ultrasound I3 with 3 Probes + Chison C60 Convex Probe

Price: Total 11000$ (Delivery included)

Date of Money Transfer: 2018.06.29 - Recieved 2018.07.02 (Approved)

Resulf of order: Sailor refused to deliver the product.

Reason of Refuse: Manafacturer refused to accept the order (Sailors words)

Second, he refused to return money.

Product change: Sonoscape S11 Ultrasound with 3 probes + Chison C60 Convex Probe

Price: 11200$ (Delivery Included)

Result of order: Sonoscape S11 is not listed in our Country so we cannot buy it. Thus, we asked return of money. But Sailor refused to return money.

Reason: Money is transfered to the Manafacturer and they will not return money (Words of Sailor)

Third, after additional pay for differen product he now delays the deliver for more than 2 weeks.

Product Change: Sonoscape S20 With 2 probes + Chison C60 Convex Probe

Price: 12200$ (Delivery Included)

Result of oreder: Delivery delayed for two weeks

Reason: Manafacturer is working on production of huge order and cannot deliver the product on time. (Words of Sailor)

I dont say that Sailor is scammer but we do worry about this situation and we seek help from you. I know alibaba is a huge and resonsible company that will not let scammers exist in their web site.

Please let me know if you can help me with anything and please If I need to send anything (details of discussion, Invoice and Sales Contract, Bank Transfer Reciept etc ) I can provide.

Hope for your help and support

Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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